5 Yr Old Cancer Victim Lives Her Dream in The Midst of Terror

Living near fire station #2 on Waukesha’s East side it’s not uncommon to hear the occasional blare of a siren from an ambulance or fire truck.  This past Sunday I heard sirens on a couple of occasions around 11:30 a.m., and I thought to myself that something very serious must have happened.  It wasn’t long before I learned of the Brookfield shooting as that news broke across various media sources.

Some times the most peaceful things can happen in the midst of tragedy.  This past Sunday is an example of this rare and delicate phenomenon.

Amongst the chaos and panic that gripped our community in the wake of the shooting tragedy at the Azan Salon in Brookfield there was a little girl that,  in spite her suffering from a rare form of brain cancer, had her head high in the clouds with joy.  Despite a lockdown at the hospital where Hailey Roser is a patient, a little shard of hope blossomed into a dream come true when Hailey met her idol, Justin Bieber.

Hailey’s Battle Against Cancer

In August of this year five year old Hailey Roser was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer after medical professionals discovered a large tumor on the right side of her brain.  Just days before Hailey was acting like her typical happy self, but when she started sleeping more than normal and experiencing headaches, Hailey’s mother took her to urgent care. Ultimately Hailey was taken to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin where MRI results showed a rare and aggressive Grade 4  brain cancer known as AT/RT (Atypical teratoid rhaboid tumor).
I can’t say for certain when this happened, but stories say that for Hailey’s upcoming fifth birthday in November, her mother (Sabrina) asked her whether she wanted to go to Disney World or to go see Justin Bieber’s concert at the Bradley Center this past Sunday.  As an avid Bieber fan Hailey chose the latter. It ultimately turned out Hailey’s medical condition prevented her from physically attending the Justin Bieber concert despite having tickets.

A Plea to Justin Bieber

Hailey & Justin Bieber

Friends, strangers, and even the media came to Hailey’s aid in an effort to get Justin Bieber to visit her at the hospital while he was in Milwaukee for his tour. A social media campaign was launched, and people from everywhere made their pleas in the hopes that Bieber would make this young girls dream come true.

The social media campaign was a success and Bieber planned to visit Hailey at the hospital. However, what nobody had planned for was the fact that the hospital would be on lockdown due to the shooting in Brookfield.  Hailey’s hopes of meeting Bieber were nearly lost, but somehow in the midst of terror, and despite the lockdown status Children’s Hospital, Hailey was actually able to be transported to the Bradley Center where she met Justin Bieber.

At the End of the Day

So it turns out that at the end of a very frustrating and tragic day in the Waukesha metro area there was something precious happening to a very deserving little 5 year old girl.  Although it didn’t take away the Brookfield tragedy, it certainly was a pleasant ending that was easier to focus on.

Hailey Rosen & Justin Bieber

Hailey still has a long road to her recovery and we only hope the best for her.  As of this morning the Healing Hailey site shows that $15,935 of the $16,000 goal has been raised to help offset costs attributed to Hailey’s one year Chemotherapy program that lies ahead.

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