Six Feet Under Haunted House 2012: “As The World Burns”

“As The World Burns”

Six Feet Under_Waukesha


Since the beginning of time everyone has suspected that the Freemasons had secrets.  With their secret handshakes and cryptic greetings there just had to be more to their organization then a gathering of friendly gentleman. Well it turns out that everyone was right in their suspicions.

Not only do the Masons have secrets, but the City of Waukesha has secrets too!  Back in the cold war era that followed World War II the United States Government was preparing to defend from potential attack by Russian bombers.  The potential became more plausible when the Russians developed long-range bomber aircraft that were capable of reaching targets on U.S. soils. In 1949 the threat of these aircraft became much more serious when the Russians exploded their first atomic bomb.

In response the U.S Government started installing “Nike” missile systems as a last ditch line of air defense against Russian bombers within the United States.   For those who don’t know Waukesha was a location that housed the M-74 Nike Hercules site.

The Secret Research Facility: “Six Feet Under”

During the construction of the M-74 Nike Hercules missile park citizens and government officials from Waukesha became fearful.  In a feeble attempt to create a place to hide from potential bombers the city of Waukesha created a maze of secret tunnels under the downtown streets that have remained a secret for decades.  Recent discoveries show that included along with these underground mazes was a research facility; ironically located six feet under 317 South Street in Waukesha.

For decades the members of Waukesha Masonic Lodge 37 have hidden the secret government research facility, and nobody knows for certain whether or not experiments were still being conducted – at least not until recently!  The truth is that they are still testing chemicals on humans to alter DNA and morph humans into super humans!

Nevertheless, now that the secret is out, and despite their experiments, the government and the Masonic brotherhood have decided to allow the public to freely tour the facility beneath the Masonic lodge dubbed Six Feet Under. During the tour visitors will see what goes wrong when the government alters human DNA. A word of worthy advice is to be very cautious at Six Feet Under! Once in the facility you must move fast or you too can be a victim of a costly mistake the government has made. You may get wet.

You just might not make it out.

In either case there’s one thing for certain:

You will be scared for your life!

Six Feet Under Haunted House in Waukesha

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