Another Hot Day in Store for Waukesha County

Hot Summer Sun_WaukeshaWith temperatures expected to reach 92 °F or higher today, there’s yet another hot day in store for Waukesha County residents.  The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Waukesha and its surrounding counties, and experts say that Wisconsin is covered under a large heat mass that will not be going anywhere for at least a couple of more days.  Meanwhile, Emergency rooms are seeing plenty of people coming through the doors overheated and dehydrated, and farmers struggle to keep animals and crops alive.

In Madison, Wisconsin yesterday the high temperature reached 97 °F, which tied the record for high temperatures set in 1930 and 1901, while heat indexes climbed over 100 °F throughout most of southeastern Wisconsin.

Currently at 5:00 a.m. CDT, the temperature is 79 °F with a heat index of approximately 90 °F.


Tips For Staying Safe During Heat Advisory

If at all possible residents should stay inside and out of the direct sun.  If you don’t have air conditioning run a couple of fans to help circulate the air.  Keep shades and curtains drawn, and drink plenty of fluids.

If you have to go outdoors, or if you work outside, staying hydrated is critical, so drink plenty of fluids, including water and/or sports drinks that replace vital fluids and electrolytes.  It is also important to eat food, but try to eat small portions of cool fruit or low fat dairy products. Wear light colored clothing, and change any sweat-saturated clothing with fresh, dry clothing so your body can breath.


Be a Neighborly Neighbor

If you have any neighbors that are elderly or disabled, be a neighborly neighbor and pay them a visit to make certain that they are cool and have plenty of fluids.

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