Controversy Brews Over 5 Diamonds Fields Game Times — Field Lighting

5 Diamonds Fields_LogoSome neighbors of the 5 Diamonds Fields baseball complex in Waukesha are complaining that the baseball diamond is staying operational later than the hours permitted under the conditional use permit granted by the Town of Waukesha.  The primary complaint is the lighting from the baseball diamonds.

Tom and Lisa kelenic believe that they have been under unnecessary scrutiny from neighbors and the Town Board from the early stages of developing the 40 acre, multi-million dollar baseball complex located on Les Paul Parkway. Tom Kelenic and Greg Beatty designed and developed the youth baseball complex because the area was in need of a place for kids to play games and championship series softball.

The project started in May of 2011 when Kelenic and Beatty bought about 60 acres located just south of the Les Paul Parkway between Sunset Drive and East Avenue in the Town of Waukesha. However, development of the 5 Diamonds Fields was incumbent on the development and sale of six residential lots contained within 17 acres of the 60 acre parcel. The lots ranged from $140,000 to $165,000, and if just one lot didn’t sell the 5 Diamonds project would not have happened.

The sale of the residential lots paid for the land purchase, as well as the $200,000 cost in infrastructure improvements that were needed for the subdivision. In addition to the land sales, an additional $2 million dollars of investment was necessary for the playing and practice facilities. Costs for the lighting alone were $300,000. “Greg and I are not millionaires,” said Kelenic. “We are not big-time developers. We took this on because we saw the community needed it, the kids needed it.”

Neighbor Sandy Hamm contends that the Kelenics and 5 Diamonds co-owner Greg Beatty are constantly violating the 9:30 pm deadline in which the complex lights are supposed to be turned off.  As a result Hamm states that the lights are bothering him and other neighbors, and that 5 Diamonds should follow the rules established under their conditional use permit.

A meeting with the Town Board to address the issue has been scheduled.

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2 Responses to Controversy Brews Over 5 Diamonds Fields Game Times — Field Lighting

  • The neighboring community of 5 Diamonds needs to settle down and lighten up. 5 Diamonds is a family place where kids can learn the love of America’s Pastime without having to worry about delinquency. The families who have contributed to and participate in the programs which 5 Diamonds support are tired of the excessive critical, pretentious, pompous, meddlesome and overbearing complaints that are counterproductive to the unquestionable benefits the entire Waukesha Community gains from the purpose of this complex.

    There is no doubt that 5 Diamonds provides a safe place for families to gather to watch their son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter, niece/nephew, brother/sister play ball. The children learn life skills from being on a team, from their coaches, from the families gathered to watch, from the support staff of all the participating organizations on any given day at the ball park. The extended family atmosphere is undoubtedly prevalent as you walk from the parking lot through the gates and to the field. The park is kept clean, the concessions are fresh; the attendees who, perhaps do so unknowingly, are requested to cease their actions/behaviors against 5 Diamond Policies do so without incident.

    To complain, criminalize, and brandish such an institution whose goal is for the betterment of the community is beyond unreasonable. 5 Diamonds has become a commodity in the Youth and High School Baseball communities, it’s projected results have been attained in the first season of operation. Would the disgruntled neighbors prefer these children not be involved in productive and goal oriented summer sports and end up causing trouble, hurting others, being disrespectful to their fellow citizens, vandalize, steal, drink and do drugs, drop out of school? This may seem extreme; thus are the behaviors of the complaining neighbors.

    I invite these neighbors to come to the park on a day when it is full of games and see how wonderful, joyful, responsible and familial 5 Diamonds is. I further invite the neighbors to reflect on themselves and how they can contribute to the community rather than bring detrimental to the progress of the community.

    So many families are affected by their complaints, if they only realized the damage they are doing by complaining about nothing more than trivial details, I hope I can be confident in saying that they will have a change of heart.

    If not, then I hope and pray that the extended communities of Waukesha and the Town Board can rise above the miserly voices of a mere few and realize the benevolent voices of the hundreds.

    • Sarah:
      Thank you VERY much for stopping by and sharing your voice on this issue. I couldn’t have said it better.
      Ever since I learned that the project was going to be a baseball diamond, and the fact that two ordinary citizens undertook this awesome project due to their passion for the sport, I was moved beyond words and very excited to see it come to fruition.
      I personally think that 5 Diamonds should move to amend their conditional use permit to allow them to keep the lights on until 10-10:30 pm, and that this should be unanimously approved by the town board.