Rain Quenches Severe Drought Conditions Around Waukesha

If your wondering what those little beads of water falling from the sky are, it’s called rain.

For today the National Weather Service is forecasting a 60% chance of rain, with new rainfall amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch, except higher amounts are possible during thunderstorms. Showers and possibly a thunderstorm are expected before 10am, and scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected after 10am.

It has been about four weeks since Waukesha has experienced a good heavy rainfall.
Yesterday areas around Waukesha experienced light to moderate rain showers, and people around the county were observed looking up to the sky at what could be considered a phenomena in southeastern Wisconsin.

Rain Around WaukeshaWith this year’s low rainfall amounts, seriously dry conditions have developed over southern Wisconsin during June and continued into July, having a sever effect on farmers and crops. This week Governor Scott Walker declared a state of emergency in 42 Wisconsin counties due to drought or abnormally dry conditions. The declaration by the Governor allows expedited permits for farmers to temporarily use stream or lake water for irrigation.

Rainfall amounts for the month of June – July 11, 2012 are a mere .20 inches, creating a -6.20 deficit below average rainfalls for this time of year.

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