Waukesha Spancrete is Coming Down to Welcome Woodman’s

It was early last fall that Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima announced the opening of Woodman’s Market in Waukesha in 2013.   The location for the new Woodman’s Markets will be on the corner of Highway 164 and East Main Street where Waukesha Spancrete formerly operated.


To make way for this addition to the many Waukesha grocery stores, Spancrete is coming down in segments as construction crews have systematically demolished the large structure over the course of the past couple of weeks.  All that remains of what used to be the Waukesha Spancrete are huge piles of pulverized concrete.


Born and raised in Waukesha, I seem to remember Spancrete always being at the Main Street location, and I have been unable to determine the actual year or date that the Waukesha plant opened.  Driving by Spancrete on many occasions the plant seemed somewhat large, but it wasn’t until the demolition began that I realized the enormity of the structure as I took photographs of the demolition process.  Below I have posted images of the demolition process and I hope to include a couple more as demolition reaches the end, perhaps later this week?

Spancrete Demolition May 28_2012-1

Spancrete Demolition May 28_2012-2

Spancrete Demolition May 28_2012-3

Spancrete Demolition May 28_2012-4

Spancrete Demolition May 28_2012-5

Spancrete Demolition June 13_2012-1

Spancrete Demolition June 13_2012-2

Spancrete Demolition June 13_2012-3

Spancrete Demolition June 13_2012-4

Spancrete Demolition June 26_2012-1

Spancrete Demolition June 26_2012-2

Spancrete Demolition June 26_2012-3


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2 Responses to Waukesha Spancrete is Coming Down to Welcome Woodman’s

  • It’s a little bitter sweet, that corner has been Spancrete for as long as I can remember, since I was a small child. Now as progress takes over, it’s time for the next generation to take over that corner. I was born in Waukesha and I’m amazed at some of the landmark businesses and changes that have taken over! Remember the car wash next to the tracks on Sunset Drive? Then it became Burger King, then a strip mall!

    • Hey Ken:
      We are all powerless over progress and the advancement of our society and culture. I too am going to really miss seeing the structure and all of the memories of my childhood and growing up in Waukesha.
      Do you remember when there was no Shell gas station and McDonald’s directly across from where the Spancrete plant used to be? I used to ride my dirt bike there, as well as in the area that is now the Hillcrest Business Center. And right down the road to the south, the 59 Outdoor Theater…