Drug Dealers Public Enemy No.1 for DOJ under Schimel

“I’m putting the drug dealers on notice: You are public enemy number one for the Wisconsin Department of Justice”

Schimel victory speach

Photo: Gilman Halsted/WPR News

In his victory speech over Democratic opponent Susan Happ, Brad Schimel clung to the foundation of his tenure as District Attorney for Waukesha County and campaign for Attorney General by putting drug dealers on notice.

“I am sick and tired of meeting with parents that have buried their children because of this drug scourge that our state is facing,” Schimel said. “We’re all going to work together to put public safety ahead of politics in Wisconsin”

In conceding the race to Schimel, Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ said she wished her campaign had focused more… Continue reading

Vote Brad Schimel for Attorney General

Integrity, passion, and respect for the rule of law make Brad Schimel the best candidate for Attorney General.

brad-schimelThe sordid TV campaigns are in full bloom as election time nears. Susan Happ’s campaign against Brad Schimel is clearly desperate as the falsehoods from her allies; “Committee for Justice and Fairness” drum up mud to throw.

Happ’s campaign leaders may think their shameless lies are gaining votes, but anyone who lives in Wisconsin knows that Schimel is the ONLY qualified candidate for Attorney General of Wisconsin.

Brad Schimel’s experience in prosecuting child sexual assault, rape, drug trafficking, murder, and other heinous crimes has prepared him to be the state’s top cop. Schimel is a career prosecutor and the current Waukesha County… Continue reading

Supreme Court to hear cases in Waukesha for Justice on Wheels Program

Seal of the Supreme Court of WisconsinSitting in Waukesha County for the first time ever, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral argument in three cases (below) on October 7, 2014 as part of its Justice on Wheels outreach program.

Waukesha is the 25th Wisconsin county where the Court has sat for oral argument since the Justice on Wheels program was started in 1993. Justice on Wheels gives people in other parts of the state an opportunity to see the Supreme Court at work outside the state Capitol in Madison, where oral arguments are usually heard each year from September through May.

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson floated the idea of a road trip a few times over the years without success. It wasn’t until 1993 that… Continue reading

Waukesha Chamber Hijacks Christmas Tree Lighting!

Did Catherine Huelsman bully her way into taking over WDBA event that set 2013 Guinness World Record?

Today’s Waukesha Freeman has a story about how the City of Waukesha Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) simply “took over” the annual Waukesha Christmas Tree lighting event that originated and was operated by the Waukesha Downtown Business Association (WDBA) since 1999.

Catherine Huelsman, President, Board of Directors CWCC sent a 09-04-2014 memo (See Below) to WDBA members indicating that her organization will be running the tree lighting – not the WDBA!

In part the memo (attached below) states:

Working with the property owner and City Hall, the City of Waukesha Chamber (CWCC) will be hosting the 2014 Christmas Tree Lighting on… Continue reading

Capturing the Truth in Ferguson, MO Doesn’t Come Without a Cost

Abe Van Dyke in Ferguson, MO during protests and rioting


Waukesha photojournalist threatened, smacked and mugged while filming events in Ferguson, MO.

When 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police in Ferguson, MO on August 9th, 24 year old photojournalist Abe Van Dyke was safely in his Waukesha residence recording football games; listening closely to the background chatter of his police scanner. At the time Abe had no idea that one week later he would be putting his life and safety at risk deep in the trenches of protesters, tear gas, rioting, and gunfire in the streets of Ferguson.


The Calling for Truth

Looters stealing from Ferguson business on 8-15-14As news of the Michael Brown killing and subsequent protests spread across the country, it was obvious that the situation… Continue reading

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