Cassie Rodriguez Deserves Waukesha Alderman Seat

Cassie Rodriguez for Waukesha Aldermanic District 2I had the remarkable opportunity to meet Cassie Rodriguez as she canvassed Aldermanic District 3 in Waukesha today.

She has been a Waukesha resident for over 10 years, and was pleasant, polite, and listened closely to what I had to say concerning my opinions of our community. She has only positive things to say about our city and the district she lives in, and a clear and sincere passion for representing her constituents.  Rodriguez is passionately motivated to be an involved and responsive public servant – something she feels is currently lacking in our district.

Cassie was running uncontested, and it appeared she would be the next alderwoman to… Continue reading

Communities Unite to Find Missing Boy

Andrew Ounkham with State Patrol Officer-10-03-201610 yr. old Andrew Ounkham found safe late Monday morning.

WAUKESHA – It’s a parent worst horror story when a young child goes missing. Add to that horror the fact that the ten-year-old child, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and is non-verbal, was last seen going into a cornfield near wetlands under very wet conditions from recent rain, and with the Fall dusk quickly draping darkness across the area.

In Waukesha neighborhoods are tightly banded together and when someone says they need help finding their lost child, people drop what their doing and show up to help.

At approximately 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 2nd, the Waukesha Police Department shared… Continue reading

In Honor of Joe Angel Medina: 1963 – 2016

Joe Angel Medina Honoring Fallen SoldiersThere are hundreds of pictures of Joe Angel Medina standing with the likes of local leaders, judges, district attorneys, state and U.S. politicians, and even Governor Scott Walker. Joe was very involved in politics and touched hundreds, if not thousands of people lives in a positive way!

Anyone who had the honor of knowing Joe understands that he didn’t pose in those pictures for glamor or recognition. These people were his friends, and they felt honored and grateful to have their picture taken with Joe! Just ask any one of them…

U.S. Marine, Reverend, President of the Wisconsin Latino Veterans Memorial Foundation, and Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly of Conservative… Continue reading

Come and Discover Downtown Waukesha

After a couple of seasons of downtown construction, and with a new brand and fresh makeover of the downtown Waukesha business district area, it’s nice to know that #LiveLoveWaukesha is back in full force and effect with its summer events and activities. Please join us.


Discover Downtown Waukesha Events:


Waukesha Farmers’ Market

Waukesha’s Friday Night Live

Waukesha GuitarTown

Waukesha Silver Bells

Live Love Waukesha

Ice Cream Kids

Changing Their Tune – or Not?

Aldermen have a duty to represent and serve the people. If they cannot fulfill that duty they should no longer hold a position in public office.

Joseph Glatzel for District 11 in WaukeshaJoseph Glatzel has decided that enough is enough with what he believes is poor representation of the people in District 11 of downtown Waukesha by current Alderman, Erik Helgestad.

Mr. Glatzel has officially announced his “write-in” candidacy for the April 5th election just two weeks from now. The “Hot Potato Topic” that favors electing a new representative for District 11, is Mr. Helgestad’s failure to oppose any fee increase for special events in the city of Waukesha – despite a public outpouring of… Continue reading

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